Publication Ethics

Publication ethics are highly significant in the present age.  Ethical considerations must be taken into account by all stakeholders so that the quality of the journal may be sustained. Research has a lasting impact on society. Journals are read by expert users of the community. Errors may cause serious damage to the worth of the journal. Therefore, it is highly essential that publication ethics are followed strictly by the authors, editors, reviewers, and all others.

These guidelines are a roadmap for all stakeholders of the journals in order to produce quality work. All concerns should follow the instructions given below carefully so that no inconvenience may take place.

Duties of the Publisher:

Following are the major duties of the Publisher:

  1. The publisher would ensure the authenticity of the content of the journal.
  2. He would be responsible for all procedures in the publishing of the journal.
  3. He will support the editors in the communication process.
  4. He will update all members of the editorial board regarding publication ethics and research standards.

Duties of Editors:

Following are the major duties of the Editors of the Journal (IJIMS):

  1. The editors will ensure error-free work consciously.
  2. They will check the authenticity of the articles carefully.
  3. They will ensure that content is of a scholarly level.
  4. They will check the plagiarism of the received articles.
  5. They will review the content and language of the work critically.
  6. They will only include the papers of high significance in the journal.
  7. They will always be impartial.
  8. They would be free from any personal feelings to ensure objectivity.
  9. They will work honestly.
  10. They will be well aware of their role and responsibilities.
  11. They will ensure the authenticity and validity of the work.
  12. The editors will ensure the confidentiality and secrecy of the received articles.

Duties of Reviewers:

Following are the major duties of the reviewers of the IJIMS:

 Peer review is an essential component of scholarly communication. The reviewers would review the articles carefully.

  • They will put aside all personal interests.
  • They would be fair during all the process of peer review.
  • They will ensure the secrecy of the research papers.
  • They would take into account all ethical issues.
  • They will review the work objectively.
  • They will provide clear observations and comments for the authors.
  • They will accept or reject the work with strong logical arguments.

Duties of Authors:

Following are the major duties of the authors of IJIMS:

    1. Authors should present quality papers.
    2. Their work should be original, authentic and valid.
    3. They must meet all technical requirements of the publishing of the article.
    4. They must fulfill all the legal requirements of the work.
    5. They should not produce any plagiarized text in their articles.
    6. They should provide sufficient references to facilitate others.
    7. Authors should public their research articles after publishing so that society may be benefited from the same.
    8. Due acknowledgment should be given by the authors for the work of others.
    9. The authors must avoid the replication of sentences in the articles. The authors must ensure that no inappropriate co-authors are included in the articles.
    10. Only those names should be mentioned who have collaborated with the author.
    11. The authors must follow all the guidelines as issued by the journal in order to produce quality-conscious content.