International Journal of Information & Management Sciences (IJIMS) 1 Impact of Changing Information Seeking Behaviour of Users upon University Libraries

  • Muhamamd Naeem GC University Lahore
  • Khurram Shahzad GC University Lahore
Keywords: Information Seeking, Impact of IT upon Libraries, Impact of Users’ Behaviors upon Librarians


The major goal of this research was to know the impact of changing information seeking behavior of users upon university libraries. An effort was also made to recognize different attributes of information seeking (i.e., methods for keeping update, utilization of social networking channels to locate information, use of digital resources to seek information, usage of ICTs etc). The study was conducted in different phases. In the first phase, a comprehensive review of related literature was conducted to understand the theoretical and technical aspects of the study. In the second phase, the instrument of the questionnaire was developed for data collection with the help of the reviewed literature. In the third phase, a sample was drawn from the target population and data was collected from the sample. In the fourth phase, the gathered data was analyzed with the help of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). In the last phase, conclusions, recommendations, and findings were drawn in the light of the analyzed data.
Findings and recommendations of this study are fruitful in building resources and designing libraries services for meeting users' information needs and seeking behavior efficiently. This research is useful in establishing a friendly library system to accomplish the set objectives of the parent organization.


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