From the Desk of Editor in Chief

  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq Editor in Chief, International Journal of Information Management Science


Dear Reader!
I am very delighted to present the new volume of International Journal of Information and Management Sciences (IJIMS) through the plat form of Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO), Lahore – Pakistan. Initially, the first issue of this journal was published in 2012, under the chief editorship of Dr. Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Chief Librarian, University of the Punjab, Lahore. But in 2017, the leadership changed and this is the first attempt of new editorial board of IJIMS.
Dr. Usmani and his team really did a good job to launch this journal for the librarians’ community in Pakistan. This journal is the first attempt of any private association in Pakistan and makes new trends in the region. I congratulate Dr. Usmani and his team for their wonderful work for the professional community.
This issue has 6 articles, related to the theme of the journals. To know the similarity index of the manuscript, all documents gone through the plagiarism software named Turnitin and then the process for double blind peer review have been done. The sole purpose of these activities is to enhance the quality of the journal.
The Editorial Board has also planned to index this journal in different but well reputed indexing agencies in the world. This will ultimately enhance the readership around the globe and consequently will create good impacts in the professional development. This year, we have also planned to apply in Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) for the recognition of IJIMS.
I am really very much thankful to all the editorial members of IJIMS who have worked hard to make this journal in current final shape. I also would like to pay thanks to those who have served as reviewers for IJIMS and sent their feedback well in time which was necessary to develop and publish high quality material. Thanks to the Patron of IJIMS, and President of Pakistan librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO) for their support and guidance. Finally, I really want to thank to all the authors of manuscripts who submitted their papers for the publication in IJIMS.
We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to make International Journal of Information and Management Sciences (IJIMS) highly productive and quality conscious. We welcome your submissions, concerns, expert feedback, suggestions and comments for the further improvement of the journal.

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