Use of Cybernetic Approach to Minimize Employee Turnover in Turbulent Environment of Library & Information Science Profession

  • Zaheer Ahmad Planning and Development Department, Govt. of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Muhammad Shahbaz Lahore High Court-Pakistan
Keywords: Cybernetics; Employee turnover; Turbulent environment; LIS field.


Employees are the important asset of any organization. They make the organization a successful and renowned in the environment and among competitors. Success and smooth functioning of the organization can be maintained by minimizing employee turnover. Employee turnover can be curtailed preferably by using cybernetics approach. Organizations must consider environmental circumstances, employees’ needs and wants while formulating/designing strategies and policies so that the ratio of employee turnover can be minimized. Some time employee turnover is beneficial for the parent organization and mostly it is harmful because it reduces the effective performance of the organization. The objective of this study was to investigate the reasons which affect employees to switch over job, factors which motivate them to join another competitive organization and ways to reduce employee’s turnover in turbulent environment of Library and Information Science (LIS) profession. In this quantitative study, a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data from the participants. Population of the study was LIS professionals across Pakistan, who have proper accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc. A convenient sampling technique was used to the get the data from the participants. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the gathered data. Market based inadequate salary, lack of proper appreciation/acknowledgment, job dissatisfaction and demotivation were four major factors which force and compel an employee to leave one system or organization. Better opportunities, satisfactory salary package, bright future and professional development/growth were the four major factors which could be opted to reduce employee turnover in turbulent environment of the organization as these were noted the motivating factors which attract the employee to join another system (organization). Findings of the study are helpful for competent authorities of the organization, administration of the libraries and policy makers to minimize employee turnover and also helpful for organization’s management to understand leading mechanism to manage employees efficiently and effectively.


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Issue: 2017
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