Adopting a Pragmatic Approach to Rural Information Systems and Services Delivery for Sustainable Community Development in Nigeria

  • Dr. Lawal Umar Academy Librarian, Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna
Keywords: Rural Information Systems; Rural information Services; Sustainable Community Development


The availability and access to rural information systems and services in rural communities in Nigeria and elsewhere have been recognized as an essential public service utility that can rapidly cause unprecedented development of rural communities. This paper attempts to chronicle the state and condition of rural information systems and services provided in rural Nigeria and their connections to community development. The essence of the paper is to provoke discussion on the relevance of rural information services and to offer direction on the essentials of strengthening and enhancing information systems and services in rural communities. It was argued that library and information professionals especially librarians should assume new roles and strategies to strengthen and enhance rural information systems and services through a pragmatic approach. A pragmatic approach will allow every major key player to compliment ideas with actions. The need for government and other major players accept their responsibilities and also appreciate the invaluable place of building well-informed rural communities as a panacea to developmental challenges confronting Nigeria as a nation is advocated.


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